Industry: National Laboratories

“We have used DDN for many years as a trusted provider.  TRIUMF cannot afford any downtime while the ATLAS experiment is running and collecting data, so providing our storage services with the highest performance and reliability, while being fault tolerant against data corruption is extremely important and critical to our operations.”

Reda Tafirout, Research Scientist at TRIUMF and Director of Operations for the ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre in Canada

TRIUMF is at the vanguard of scientific innovation and discovery as one of the world’s leading subatomic physics laboratories and Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research. Located on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, TRIUMF is owned and operated as a joint venture by an 19-member consortium of Canadian universities, encompassing 500 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, engineers, technicians and administrators.

Read their case study to learn how high-performance DDN® Storage has helped TRIUMF:

  • Allows Tier-1 ATLAS community to exchange massive amounts of data and handle large streams from CERN
  • Powerful, scalable storage drives increased performance at 1/5 the cost



  • Supporting one of the most significant experiments of the century required the highest levels of storage performance, reliability and efficiency
  • The ability to scale storage and grow in place necessitated industry-leading density as real estate is at a premium
  • Global data distribution was required to expedite collaboration among thousands of scientists worldwide
  • The ability to exchange large amount of files and data sets with researchers at other centres without encountering severe latency or bottlenecks was of paramount importance


  • DDN’s SFA12KXE with 1.6PB and embedded dCache delivers a converged storage solution with industry-leading density, performance, reliability and efficiency


  • Increased collaboration with scientists around the world strengthens TRIUMF’s ability to support the ATLAS experiment and contribute to research relating to the building blocks of the universe
  • The removal of stumbling blocks to sending and receiving data enables TRIUMF to collect as much data as possible, enabling scientists to perform simulations and extract meaningful results and quickly advancing research
  • Huge infrastructure savings and reduced administration enables TRIUMF to alleviate data center footprint issues


  • Converged storage solution featuring embedded dCache streamlines data distribution and removes stumbling blocks to receiving and sending massive data streams to other Tier-1 and Tier-2 sites around the world
  • Industry-leading density enables TRIUMF to spend five times less on storage infrastructure; saving data center space, power and cooling requirements
  • Sophisticated capabilities, including DirectProtect, ensure the highest levels of system availability and data resiliency demanded by a Tier-1 data centre