Cutting edge enterprises demand high-performance infrastructures to harness data growth and provide insight from data analytics. To keep pace, Enterprise NAS Solutions need to efficiently deliver high speed data ingest and processing, long-term data retention and global collaboration.

DDN GRIDScaler® Enterprise NAS appliances scale up or out, leveraging SSD-accelerated, converged and hyper-converged, parallel architectures to deliver industry-leading performance for financial services, manufacturing, energy, life sciences and web/cloud hosting workloads.

The latest addition to the GRIDScaler family, DDN GS14KX is the industry’s fastest and most scalable Enterprise Scale-Out NAS solution. With over 30x the performance per system and 3x the density, the GS14KX delivers the simplicity of NAS with the speed of more advanced storage architectures.

GS14KX configurations start at under 100 TB and 3 GB/s of performance, scale to 32 GB/s in 4U, and to over 350 GB/s per rack. The appliance is configurable as all SSD, SSD accelerated or all HDD.

The Benefits of Traditional Scale Out NAS, Now With Performance for Data-Intensive Enterprise

Eliminates Traditional NAS Bottlenecks (SMB, NFS) with high-speed parallel client connectivity – up to 6 GB/s per client and optional Burst Buffer.

Open Architecture means faster availability of new technology – EDR InfiniBand, Omni-Connect, NVMe SSDs – and simpler integration with new software tools such as OpenStack SWIFT and Hadoop.

Eliminates sprawl with the industry’s highest capacity per rack. By consolidating multiple data types for ease of access, the GS14KX eliminates storage and data silos while reducing management cost, complexity and data risk.

Simplifies management by presenting a single, unified data view to users, administrators and applications across over any tier of storage including high performance, active archive, tape and cloud.

Decouples performance and capacity for complete cost control, better support and lower TCO through its ability to scale up or out. It ingests data at scale, reliably, with room to grow with inputs.

Hyperconverged Design

DDN’s more flexible architecture also means you take immediate advantage of new technologies, techniques and frameworks – NVM, EDR IB, 100 GbE, Big Data Analytics, Data Lakes – and even repurpose hardware or change file systems as needed.



image for GS14K

Industry-Leading Performance & Scale


DDN GRIDScaler parallel file system appliances combine the accessibility of network data protocols with the industry’s fastest and densest embedded storage solutions for 10-30x higher performance and 2-6x higher capacity per datacenter rack U.



Easily migrate data between file systems and storage technologies, from primary storage to secondary storage and archive. Scalable to support hundreds of billions of items to a variety of secondary and archive targets, DDN DataMigrator delivers a robust set of storage and archive management tools to support all major file systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac) and is equipped to support a variety of storage platforms, including NetApp, HNAS and GPFS.

Lower Storage Costs for Infrequently Accessed Data

Migrate Data Between any File System & Storage Technology

Simplistic Monitoring and Policy-Based Data Movement

DDN DataMigrator Software Box


Scale-Out and Scale-Up

Add capacity and performance independently with the industry’s densest NAS to reduce sprawl, simplify management and control cost – up to 30x the performance and 3x the density of traditional Enterprise Scale Out NAS

SSD & Flash Acceleration

All SSD, or SSD-Accelerated Metadata, SSD-Acceleration for Specific Application(s)

  • ReACT Caching optimizes performance for small and mixed IO workloads coalescing malformed writes in cache so only well-formed IO goes to spinning media
  • Storage Fusion Xcelerator® (SFX) Cache Acceleration extends ReACT capabilities to tier(s) of SSD, pinning data or metadata, or dynamically warming cache based on file system or application hinting

Integrated Software Stack

Integrated Appliance with single view for installation, configuration and administration. Performance-optimized and extensively tested.

  • Spectrum Scale Express, Standard or Advanced Editions
  • SFAOS/Spectrum Scale Integrated, installation, configuration and management tools

Integrated Tiering

Automatically tier data across SSD, HDD and Tape; across Performance, Active Archive, Deep Archive, Collaboration Cloud, Content Distribution Network

Data Management and Protection

Snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, asynchronous, error diagnosis while affected I/O operations continue and compression, protect file system performance with QoS

Cloud Connectivity

OpenStack Swift, S3; higher performance migration to WOS; integrated single namespace tiering to on premise and off site for collaboration

Integrated Data Analytics

Hadoop connector support

Multi-Protocol Support

NFS, SMB, OpenStack Swift, S3

Data Security

Native encryption; secure erase, WORM

The Technology Behind The World’s
Leading Data-Driven Organizations

The modern data center requires next generation NAS solutions to keep pace and efficiently deliver high speed data ingest and processing, as well as long-term data retention and global collaboration. Let us assess your business objectives & technical requirements and prescribe a solution that fits your needs and budget.