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The storage industry is going through a big paradigm shift caused by drastic changes in how we generate and consume data. As a result, we also have to drastically change how we store data: we need massive, online storage pools that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Object Storage has emerged as a solution to meet the changing needs of the market and it is currently a hot topic as it creates opportunities for new revenue streams.

Inspired by projects such as Facebook’s Haystack, many web application and service providers are planning to implement such large-scale unstructured data repositories. The idea of using open source technology is a popular one, mostly because of the “free licensing”. But because of benefits such as ease of installation, low management costs and efficient use of hardware, many organizations have come to understand that licensed technologies can ultimately provide a much lower cost of ownership and be a better choice from a technology point of view.

DataDirect Networks partnership with Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation and a leader in purpose-built server and storage solutions, is to help web application and service providers simplify and accelerate large scale cloud storage deployments, reliably and cost effectively.

object storageDDN WOS® object storage software on Hyve Solutions hardware platforms delivers an integrated, OCP-certified software and hardware solution designed for large data centers and cloud service providers interested in lower CAPEX, OPEX, and unparalleled scale, storage density and efficiency. Optimized to work together seamlessly, the WOS software with Hyve Solutions platform offers a secure, efficient and scalable solution that comes pre-assembled for immediate roll out across large-scale data centers.

Hyve Solutions data center rack infrastructure is a highly efficient open architecture designed to reduce the number of data center components while lowering TCO in the scale compute space. DDN’s WOS is the only platform that offers full flexibility in data protection schemes and enables performance optimization to comply with data or application requirements. DDN WOS software is available on both Hyve Solutions OCP Open Vault hardware and Ambient Series 1312 storage server.

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  • The DDN-Hyve Solutions platform allows organizations to purchase and deploy a new scale of object storage. Partnering with DDN accelerates this strategy and makes it even easier for organizations to confidently deploy cloud storage infrastructures.
    Steve Ichinaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hyve Solutions


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