Storage matters in Academic Research. Today’s HPC design, engineering and simulation applications require purpose-built storage that provide massive amounts of throughput & IOPS to satisfy the mixed workloads of parallel operations and the massive scalability needed to satisfy rapidly growing capacities. DDN has over 15 years experience in these specialized environments. Our innovative technology powers more of the world’s top Supercomputer storages than every other storage company combined to eliminate the storage bottleneck and maximize compute ROI. DDN provides the highest performance, capacity density and the greatest efficiency; enabling users to deploy and manage the fewest systems. Our Scaler™ Family of turnkey storage appliances provides storage, networking and factory integrated file systems with a variety of configurations, including an embedded server-less option to simplify management and reduce latency. This allows you to deploy less spinning and solid state media, servers and networking components than competitive systems– all without the performance degradation that plagues all other storage. And, WOS provides a simple, cost-efficient object storage platform that enables new possibilities to accelerate discovery, by allowing collaborative workflows across multisite environments at LAN speeds.

In a benchmark conducted by SAS, the fastest recorded runtime ever, were powered by DDN GRIDScaler.

Queries were completed on the Trillion row database in as little as two seconds, with equally impressive results on more complex queries.

DDN delivers 300% faster Hana queries with the best in-memory computing platform.


Big Data is challenging traditional storage infrastructures.  Our storage systems, turn-key storage appliances and object storage solutions accelerate workflows, time to discovery & results across a wide variety of industries and their applications.

post-trade SFA12K™ Family
World’s Highest Performance & Capacity Storage Systems
post-trade SFA7700
Start Small & Scale with Modular, Hybrid Storage
post-trade SFA14K™ Family
World's Fastest Hybrid SSD and Disk, Embedded and Hyper-Converged

post-trade EXAScaler®
Massively Scalable, High Performance, Lustre® File System Appliance
post-trade GRIDScaler®
Massively Scalable Enterprise Parallel File System & NAS Solution

post-trade WOS®
On-Premisis Solutions for Content Collaboration, Distribution & Archive

post-trade IME14KTM Family
World's Most Advanced Application Aware I/O Acceleration Solutions



Our SFA Architecture is designed to scale over 1TB/s and support 10/s of petabytes of storage capacity in a
compact and energy efficient data center footprint