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Storage Fusion Xcelerator™ (SFX) - Datasheet
The only flash caching technology designed for big data.

Content Origin & Delivery
Organizations that are looking to implement or expand their content origin or delivery infrastructure are often faced with the choice of whether to build, buy or rent their solution.
DDN-CTERA® Sync & Share for WOS
Enabling deployment of cloud storage applications to mobile workers, remote offices and branch offices (ROBO), with managed storage, file sync & share, mobile access and backup.

SFA 12K: High Performance Solutions for Big Data
High Performance Solutions for Big Data: Setting the Bar in Both Bandwidth & lOPS

Storage Fusion Xceleration (SFX)
An overview of DataDirect Networks’s (DDN) unique Storage Fusion Xceleration™ (SFX) technology. SFX extends the functionality of the system cache using solid state media to accelerate both application and file system performance at a much lower TCO.

A Beginner's Guide to Next Generation Object Storage
Object Storage is the new storage paradigm. There is a high level of interest from organizations, as this new approach resolves the challenges of effi ciently storing massive volumes of unstructured data - Big Unstructured Data. This paper addresses the why, what and how of object storage.

Teneja Group: 5 Key Questions for Big Data Storage Strategies
Comprehensive Answers from DDN GRIDScaler

SFA12K Product Demo
Purpose-built to simplify and tame big data growth, enabling you to architect and scale your environment more intelligently, efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.
DDN @ Strata
Jeff Denworth, VP of Marketing for Data Direct Networks, on Silicon Angle's TheCUBE with John Furrier and Dave Vellnate at Strata 2013.


Our SFA Architecture is designed to scale over 1TB/s and support 10/s of petabytes of storage capacity in a
compact and energy efficient data center footprint