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Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a parallel file system for a certain type of data but a flash appliance to feed the I/O quickly enough; perhaps you have a visualization cluster for a different type of data, and maybe you even have a Hadoop cluster or you’re running OpenStack. Each one was set up independently, in a vacuum, and the result is that you now have a very disjointed, siloed environment that is difficult for you to manage—and frustrating for your users because they have different quotas, different access protocols, and different unique credentials and security for each system.

Whether your environment is large or small, DDN can help you consolidate all of those persistent storage methods from across your enterprise into a single central data store. While you can maintain the access you need for the differing types of data you generate, with DDN’s policy-based structure, you’ll have a single solution namespace for all of your users—and with a much lower latency along with various seamless archive capabilities that allow multi-site replication for easy disaster recovery. If you choose, you can even tier your data to tape. We make your environment not only simple to manage, scale, and secure, but also cost-effective.

HPC Data Management: Roger Goff - HPC Data Management
Roger Goff presents: "Enabling Full Data Lifecycle Management in Complex Data Environments"

Extremely Flexible Data Lifecycle Management Tools


Central Data Store combines DDN parallel file system appliances, low-cost object storage, spinning disks and flash into a single solution to simplify the traditional and commercial HPC environment into a centrally stored and managed solution. Our comprehensive and seamless portfolio of enabling end-to-end storage technologies provides an extremely flexible data lifecycle management set of tools that can be applied anywhere and at any scale, enabling you to achieve peak efficiency and extract maximum value.

DDN GRIDScaler® and EXAScaler® are turn-key parallel file system appliances that are simple to size, install, and administer – ideal for high performance environments that want the benefit of parallel file system performance with the simplicity of NAS. Unique to DDN, these appliances federate POSIX and NoFS object storage protocols, so users can manage data across file and object from a single point of management for disaster recovery, worldwide collaboration, and distribution.

The most comprehensive object storage solution available, DDN WOS® was specifically designed to address the relentless growth of data in the most adaptable and efficient manner—all with the absolute minimum storage management required. Developed for a wide range of applications and use cases, WOS enables the creation of an almost limitless storage pool that delivers predictable and reliable high-performance at any scale.

Unlike traditional flash caches and flash tiers, DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine® (IME®) can both accept I/O at the rate compute creates it and optimize it for file system ingest. The result is predictable, fast application performance with one-tenth to one-hundredth the storage hardware. Scale-out and open, IME can be sized to support environments from gigabytes to terabytes per second and is not tied to any specific server or storage hardware.

Flashscale is the at-scale, enterprise-ready, flash storage infrastructure platform that will simultaneously modernize both workflows and datacenter. Flashscale delivers up to 60 GB/s of bandwidth, 6M IOPS in just 4U with lower latency, higher density, and higher scalability than competing solutions to deliver greater business agility and enable a much wider breadth of application and multi-step workflow support.



  • Single namespace for all data across the Enterprise
  • Storage can be consolidated across flash, spinning media, and tape
  • Simple to manage and secure; cost-effective
  • Real-time storage operating system with unmatched memory and application acceleration
  • Highly reliable DDN file system that lowers latency and improves performance


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