I always enjoy watching great ideas evolve as users get their hands on the new technology. The use of the iPhone evolving from a device to speak to others to an all-in-one entertainment solution; Keurig coming out with brew once coffee machines evolving into Nespresso high-end espresso tabs with auto-frothed milk to make a perfect latte. And of course, a hot topic in the data storage industry, the use of solid state storage is another great example in this topic area. I remember the first time I booted my Mac and it “magically” turned on virtually immediately. No fan throttling through various speeds of effort, no hard drive spinning/waiting/spinning/waiting/…/… Fantastic new technology for the masses!

Since that time, hundreds of companies have found new ways to use solid state storage technology. This week at the Flash Memory Summit was a great round up of the thought leaders on SSD and Flash in data storage. DDN participated at the Summit this year demonstrating two technologies, our Infinite Memory Engine (IME) and our Storage Fusion Xcelerator (SFX).

IME demonstrated at the show that it is possible for a combination of SSD coupled with very smart software to accelerate applications 1000x versus just using either technology on their own. It is clear that the full benefit of SSD technology can really only be leveraged by having an application or file system aware software-defined-storage layer. Leveraging intelligent software and SSDs IME creates a new tier of transparent, extendable, non-volatile memory (NVM) that harnesses distributed storage and brings the data closer to the application reducing latency and increasing performance for reads and writes for both small and large files.

With SFX, we were recognized this week with a Best in Show award for Enterprise applications! SFX is a software-defined storage suite of acceleration tools that combine spinning and solid state disk storage media with application aware technology to intelligently accelerate block and file-based data access. SFX consists of a pool of flash-based SSD drives that become an extension of the DRAM cache.


SFX increases application and file system performance by enabling the storage system to load the right data into system cache, at the right time. It is designed for Big Data and HPC – IOPS and Bandwidth intensive workloads for Energy-, Financial Service-, Manufacturing-, Media and Content Delivery Companies, Government Intelligence , Life Sciences and National Laboratories.

The benefit of DDN technology innovation with solid state technology results in a decoupling of physical storage from compute resources in a way that creates dramatic improvements in cost, space and resource efficiency over traditional hard disk, all-flash array and PCIe-based flash storage approaches. No more over-provisioning storage capacity to achieve performance goals.


The Best of Show Award for Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Application granted to SFX was a great tribute to DDN’s continued success in portfolio expansion in the Enterprise.

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: August 8, 2014