The end of another year means another round of tech predictions. Over at ZDNet, Tim Lohman pulls together some predictions for 2014. Tim predicts that 2014 will be the year of de-siloing data and sharing it across the enterprise. By sharing data across the enterprise, it will allow more organizations to access and use data to make decisions to drive business impact.

As we look towards 2014, here are a few things that are driving our approach:

  1. Enterprises will keep drowning in data and starving for information and insights
  2. Many will want to “do #bigdata projects” while their #littledata issues are still not solved
  3. Software defined everything, hype will increase in total ignorance of when & where HW-SW tight coupling makes the magic
  4. Commodity and/or open source’s pundits will still live in blissful ignorance of a little thing called TCO
  5. EDW economics will still be poor, drive ETL for data reduction & inflexible model fit, hence deriving faulty insights
  6. The #bigdata universe will still have a giant black hole into which #security, #privacy, #GCR have fallen & will stay
  7. ETL will still mean Extract, Torture and Lose data

One things is clear in everyone’s predictions: bigger data is here to stay, and it will be up to companies to choose how they want to use big data to their advantage.

Click through to Silicon Angle to read more on my predictions.

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  • Date: December 18, 2013