Here’s a revolutionary idea in storage media: simplify the long standing, multi-tiered storage infrastructure employed by almost all media and entertainment companies down to two.  These would include a very high performance, high density but relatively low capacity tier one (production tier);  and, an all in one, very large Active Archive for affordable “good enough” extra tier one capacity, easy collaboration, online content delivery, and asset preservation. This new paradigm increases performance but simplifies the production environment, reduces storage costs, shortens time-to-market, increases collaboration, and improves the customers’ ability to monetize content in the new online world of connected devices.

To create this solution, at DDN we combine a very high performance, parallel file system tier with a hyper-scale, high performance object storage solution to make a seamless storage platform, of only two tiers, for the entire workflow, including archive. The benefits to such a two-tier system are numerous and include:

  • Higher performance at tier one means jobs get done quicker with less hardware
  • Reduced storage at tier one means lower overall storage costs even with increasing frame rates and resolutions
  • Higher disk utilization and low overhead data durability options of object storage means assets stored with the access speed of spinning disk at nearly the cost of tape
  • Assets moved sooner to globally distributed system means more collaboration and follow-the-sun work processes
  • Assets on a distributed, internet addressable storage solution means more options for asset utilization and monetization
  • Reduced complexity of tiered system means less maintenance, fewer required IT staff and headaches
  • Increased density reduces the data center, cooling and electrical costs
  • Automated, policy based file movement and tracking means cost optimization and simplified asset management integration and operation.

All of this leads to lower total cost of ownership and increasing profits. Now there’s a good idea! Click through to learn more about this new approach to “Storage for Media.”

  • Michael King
  • Michael King
  • Sr. Director Marketing Strategy & Operations
  • Date: October 3, 2013