If you chose OpenStack as your cloud computing platform, you’re brave! The reason I say that, is that OpenStack has so many components to configure that you may need an army in order to complete building it.

But don’t worry, at DDN we like brave people!

So there’s Nova… You probably went with KVM or XenServer, since they are popular choices for hypervisor technology and recommended for most use cases. Then you have Neutron, same story, multiple deployment options, and then you have Cinder, Glance and Swift as core services for storage, and a big pile of questions about the rest.

What Are The Best Options?

Should I go with commodity hardware? But I don’t know about my workload, which filesystem to choose, which disks to choose, and so on … If there’s one thing you should know about cloud workloads, it’s how unpredictable they can be! It’s mixed IO, with different applications hammering your infrastructure that may or may not be designed to run in the cloud!

Why DDN For OpenStack?

  • 18 years of experience and leadership in high-performance infrastructure deployment.
  • DDN products have been engineered from Day 1 to support I/O intensive environments (Hypervisors can be brutal!)
  • DDN has the experience of scaling out to hundreds of PB’s! almost any DDN engineer that will visit you has the experience of deploying multiple PBsystems! (Been there, done that!)
  • DDN gets the notion of the cloud infrastructure! therefore, our products give you the flexibility of designing multiple level of service to your internal/external customers.
  • Open source infrastructure with enterprise storage solution.
  • Best price/performance in the market
  • Multi-use end-to-end storage for easier management, seamless integration, lower costs, better utilization and efficiency

The Important Message

OpenStack needs an army to build it right. It isn’t a plug and play kind of cloud platform, and you’re going to need a serious tool kit in order to set it up. DDN can provide the right equipment and excellent soldiers in your army. DDN, thanks to its integrated product line-up, can provide an end-to-end solution to any kind of OpenStack deployment.


If you have any questions, our experts would love to talk with you. Please come see us at the OpenStack Summit in Austin on April 25-29, 2016. Click here to arrange for a meeting while you are at the show.

  • Abdulrahman Alkhamees
  • Abdulrahman Alkhamees
  • Date: April 18, 2016