For Media and Entertainment (M&E) workflows, lots of vendors like to claim they have complete infrastructure solutions. Media is a complex beast. There are lots of components to consider – compute, network, storage, encoders/transcoders, NLEs, color correction units, LTO media, etc.

Most technology vendors only focus on their core specialty, which often doesn’t make for an integrated solution, let alone an optimal one. In the end, evolved technology purchasers understand the complexity of successfully integrating so many diverse components. They rely on the experts to help build out a complete solution that accelerates workflows, drives new efficiencies, and delivers newfound competitive advantages.

In the media world, the one constant is content. Its creation is the production portion of the workflow and the finished product represents the distribution portion. Here at DDN, we are not only bleeding-edge technological innovators, but also heavily invested in the media industry with industry-renowned SMEs that guide us to tackle the toughest problems. Whether solving today’s discrete data problems like IMF, UHD/4K or HDR or providing end-to-end solutions for the entire workflow, DDN does better than the rest. And we have served the media industry for over 15 years now.

The diversity of media workflows is one of the most challenging problems in this market. In fact, providing a unified solution for data across the entire M&E workflow has been a driving need that has shaped storage offerings in this space, forever. Most larger sites today have centralized repositories for multiple workflow steps. Smaller sites centralize data as much as they can, but even the best of them can’t hit their entire wish list: highest performance, secure collaboration and distribution, cost reduction for colder/archived content, and simple management; all while leveraging lots of technical automation.

After partnering with the most demanding sites in media, DDN has combined the expertise and solutions that deliver the highest levels of performance and quality of service. These workflows include real-time broadcast and post systems, private and hybrid cloud and active archive —all of which work seamlessly together into a single DDN solution for the end –to-end data lifecycle management for media.

MEDIAScaler™ enables a single data view for users, applications and automated data placement across high performance, private/hybrid cloud (S3, Swift) and active archive enabling a comprehensive solution for complex media workflows. Check out MEDIAScaler at our booth at NAB, SL #8016, or here online to see how customers like Red Bull Media House are using it to drive their next level of workflow innovation.

  • Shreyak Shah
  • Shreyak Shah
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Date: April 13, 2015