With the continuous development of efficient and cost- effective technology, the accumulation of life science data is intimidating. Bioinformatics has become essential not only in storing data, but also in accessing it and analysing it, thus paving the way to novel biological insights. Ultimately, bioinformatics powered by technologies such as those offered by DataDirect Networks (DDN) will help to address some of the world’s biggest challenges: food and energy production, sustainability and environmental protection, and of course health issues.

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Founded 15 years ago by a small group of pioneers, the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics has developed an institute of 46 research and service groups amounting to more than 650 scientists spread across Switzerland. One of SIB’s main missions has always been to create and maintain core bioinformatics resources that are accessible to the international life science community.

Today more than 130 resources are available through the Institute’s resource portal ExPASy. Eager to train the next generation of bioinformaticians, SIB also provides courses that are taught by its members. These involve a number of bioinformatics training programmes at all educational levels – from high school to undergraduate and graduate degrees – as well as specialised training for life scientists. SIB federates and coordinates bioinformatics activities in Switzerland and has become a model national, interinstitutional and international collaboration.

Vital-IT, a strategic asset for life sciences in the western part of Switzerland and beyond

Beyond the development and maintenance of bioinformatics resources, SIB also supports biomedical research with a wide offer in services such as statistical analyses or the elaboration of specialised algorithms, to name only a few. Vital-IT, SIB’s High performance computing centre which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is increasingly in demand by researchers. Vital-IT is integrated into academic research projects on the Swiss and international levels:

  • Participation into IMIDIA (IMI-JU), a public-private research and development on diabetes
  • Collaboration with Fasteris and Medisupport for the development of the first Swiss non-invasive prenatal test.

DDN and Vital-IT

The storage and maintenance of data and derived knowledge is key for Vital-IT. Since 2010, DDN has been Vital-IT’s main storage supplier. DDN has been selected for its performance, DDN storage also provides massive density and low total cost of ownership.

Roberto Fabretti, director of Vital-IT infrastructure, underlines the importance of robust storage infrastructures. “DDN is a reliable storage supplier which contributes to our support of activities focused on life science research. Over the last five years, our reseach powered by DDN storage allowed for novel findings to be published  in 28 prestigious journals, such as Nature and Science.”.

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  • Date: November 20, 2013