jason_blogStorage growth isn’t unheard of.  It’s an age old topic.  Many companies see tens, hundreds and some even thousands of percent growth year-over-year.  DDN was built from the ground up to help companies tackle the challenge of ever growing storage.  We remember going from MBs to GBs to TBs and we’re now serving customers who have needs for hundreds of PBs.  Someday soon the Exascale era will be upon us as well.

Recently HDD manufacturers have started announcing larger and larger enterprise class drives with upwards of 10 TBs of storage.  This got me thinking about our current generation storage arrays that contain enough space for 84 drives.  84 drives times 10 TBs is a total of 840 TBs.  How big is our 84 drive storage array?  It’s only 4U.  That’s 840 TBs / 4U!  I never imagined the day would come so soon where we’d be able to provide just under 1 PB in 4U of rack space.

These are interesting times indeed.  When you factor in DDN’s performance levels of throughput and IOPS it blows me away even further to think how far we’ve come.  It reminds me that DDN is the leading innovator in high performance computing.  Storage has always been the biggest bottleneck but I’ve seen where day in and day out our storage solutions break this mantra.  Customers like Virginia Tech’s Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, are able to conduct complex analysis that helps stop deadly outbreaks.  They’re conducting many simultaneous simulations in a matter of minutes and it’s because of solutions my colleagues built for them.

But back to the point – I’m just rather excited about what the future holds and I’m now anxious for 12 TB HDD’s that enable us to deliver 1.008 PBs of storage in 4U.  The day we can give 1 PB / 4U is probably not that far off and we’re excited to see what that does for you.

About the Author My name is Jason and I am a technology enthusiast, photographer, video gamer and marketing funnel-ologist.  I’m passionate about technology and modern culture so in my articles I’m trying to relay not just information but also tie together relevant stories from elsewhere on the web to tell you a story about how we and the overall HPC community contribute to not just the workplace but everyday life.  This is the first in a series of random thoughts, opinions and ideological articles I want to share.  In this article I’m just outright thrilled at the prospect of a seemingly small announcement that actually will result in bigger returns for our customers in the near future.    Follow Jason on Twitter: @totalperception

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  • Date: March 23, 2015