At NAB in Las Vegas this week, DDN took several major steps forward in leading the industry in delivering high-performance, tiered data management solutions for large-scale data environments. To kick off the week with a bang, we introduced the all-new DDN MEDIAScaler.  MEDIAScaler is the perfect solution for today’s media environments that are grappling with supporting rapidly growing, high resolution content that needs to simultaneously be accessed by hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users in either a single location or while spread around the globe. MEDIAScaler offers game changing improvements to current choices for rich media workflows.   Through a single, fully integrated, solution that delivers the latest in interconnect, storage and content sharing.  MEDIAScaler adds several new capabilities to the DDN product portfolio:

  • High-performance ingest through parallel workload clients or highly optimized DDN CIFS/NFS connections
  • Single user space/namespace for cache, storage, object storage, Cloud and LTFS tape (we just signed an agreement with Crossroad’s Strongbox to integrate LTFS into the DDN tiered storage environment!)
  • Support for a wide variety of content access options (Swift, OpenStack, S3, native REST or file systems)

In parallel with the MEDIAScaler new product announcement, DDN also announced the availability of GRIDScaler 3.0.  GRIDScaler 3.0 expands our high-performance file storage options with new features for the Enterprise. DDN is finding rapid growth in the enterprise for very high performance, scale-out and scale-up, storage solutions that support many concurrent users and can seamlessly share data globally.  We have expanded the feature set of GRIDScaler to address the needs of the enterprise for:

  • Integrated, turnkey appliance starting as small as 4U or growing to 100s of petabytes
  • Integrated data encryption and security
  • Hadoop data analytics plug-ins

DDN is excited to continue to see the adoption of our technology that powers the science of 2/3 of the largest super computers in the world, continuing to accelerate in the wider range of today’s data intensive markets.  We commit 10’s of millions of dollars each year in R&D to provide our users with the technology to accelerate their time to results, time to revenue and time to discovery.  If you are here at NAB, please stop by the DDN Booth #SL8016!  We would love to see you!

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: April 13, 2015