This week, the Bay Area was jolted by several earth shaking events.  My favorite Cabernet at Silver Oaks vineyard was literally shaken to the floor by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake last Sunday, right about the time that the storage world was descending on Moscone Center in San Francisco for VMWorld.  Were the two events related?  Well, probably not! However, as we’ve become accustomed to in previous years, VMWorld certainly is where the storage industry unveils its many industry-shaking technologies. Earthquake, DDN, Napa Valley, Wine, VMWorld

True to our heritage, at the show DDN shook the VM community in exhibiting 1.7million IOP performance storage that integrates seamlessly with object-based cloud storage to support up to 64 remote sites for data sharing and protection.   With DDN flash performance, users can achieve scale out file storage and integrated object/Cloud objectives all with a single solution.  One stop shopping for high performance, scale out storage for Big Data projects?  That is what DDN has been offering the HPC world for years. And we’re coming to an Enterprise near you!

DDN participated in VMWorld this year for the first time in our company history.  So, why did DDN, a 15-year old storage company, choose this year to show up at VMWorld as a first timer?  Simple really. The demand for:

  • HPC compute and analytics technology;
  • Petascale storage environments; and,
  • Robust private cloud infrastructures

are rapidly on the rise in all types of organizations around the world.  In the first few days of the show, we spoke to over 100 users that have immediate need for petascale-level DDN technology in their Enterprise for Big Data and Cloud projects.  In my opinion, not only has HPC technology jumped the chasm into the Enterprise, but also it is in full demand for 2014/2015 projects.

Users at VMWorld are seeking out DDN this week to help solve the increasing pressure for high performance, high density, file and cloud storage systems to support large scale data projects.  The performance of DDN solutions that scale up to over 1.5+million IOPS per system make it seamless to support thousands of VMs in high performance DDN storage, while sharin data with up to 64 remote sites using integrated DDN object storage for Cloud data sharing.  With DDN technology, users throughout the Enterprise are realizing they don’t have to select one vendor for performance and then integrate with another for object or cloud.  They can get both in an integrated, fully supported solution with DDN.  This is why we saw over 100 percent growth in our Enterprise sales in the past year.

DDN is shaking things up in the Enterprise!  With or without mother nature’s help. vm

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: August 27, 2014