A new brand conveys the dynamic and accessible nature of a new DDN. DDN is not a conventional storage company. Our goal – to deliver a comprehensive set of datacentric AI enabled solutions that streamlines the storage, management and processing of data for deeper insight and value – reflects the continuously evolving way we approach customer data challenges.

More and more enterprises are realizing that a shift to datacentric operations requires a completely different set of capabilities from their infrastructure. HPC-like workflows in the Enterprise market, driven by AI and huge analytics, are moving IT organizations to embrace parallel file systems and scalable data management platforms.

We have already deployed at massive scale DDN solutions which are AI enabled in a variety of markets and use cases which one could characterize as very high performance. Think Deep Learning, Image Analysis, and Natural Language Processing and other AI technologies at enormous scale and most importantly, in production. We have focused on high performance and large scale for over 20 years, and we have extensive expertise at all levels of the organization helping customers address and solve these challenges with excellent results.

Acquisitions in the past two years are allowing us to innovate in new ways. Our Intelligent Infrastructure platforms are now significantly easier to deploy, manage and grow. This means solutions that are much easier to architect into Enterprise IT environments. It’s a true Win/Win. At Scale efficiency with Enterprise ease of use and reliability. We are simplifying management and Operations even more by layering in data analytics software which makes the infrastructure itself more intelligent – with the goal of going from predictability to automation.

The Symbolism in the New Logo and Brand:

Continuous growth and reinvestment – DDN  spends well more the industry average in R&D to drive innovation.  Over the past 20 years, the company has constantly evolved and grown to meet the needs of its customers.

New business units and wider markets – With the acquisitions of Tintri, Nexenta and IntelliFlash, DDN’s scope is now dramatically expanded with new technologies for new markets.

The flow of data – Datacentric organizations face an ever-increasing onslaught of data growth.  DDN aims not only to help customers tame the data growth through intelligent management, but fully exploit it for accelerated research and new paths to revenue.

Energy – DDN is a high energy culture.  From operations to sales, manufacturing to support and delivery, everyone at DDN is striving to exceed customer expectations and deliver the most inspiring experience to those customers, and allow them to do what they do best – answer some of the universes largest question and drive completely new innovations that will change society as we know it.

Technology – Think about the fundamental significance of the invention of the wheel.  We are a company focused on innovation and changing the way people manage, analyze and share data.

The Color Scheme  – The new bright and vibrant color scheme reflects on the website and collateral underscores the company’s dedication to its customers and partners, and our understanding of their real-world business issues and opportunities we can unlock for them.

The brand redesign is only one part of a larger effort. The entire DDN organization, along with its valued partners and amazing customers all deserve credit for their impact on this journey. As we create new products and experiences for our customers, we hope this work reflects the value that DDN delivers to its customers in our unending drive to deliver them insight and continued delight.

  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: June 15, 2020

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