Many organizations and businesses are looking for solutions that can help them navigate an increasingly challenging economic environment, protect customer relationships, and reduce costs. AI holds the promise of helping business cross uncharted waters, powered by data and the new “algorithm economy” we live in.

As a leading AI infrastructure provider to financial services, healthcare, autonomous driving, and high-performance computing organizations, DDN wants to help our customers use their data and the power of AI to survive and thrive, even in turbulent times.

DDN is working closely with NVIDIA, engineer to engineer, to overcome IO barriers previously considered insurmountable, accelerating a wide set of use cases.  Take a look at NVIDIA’s Magnum IO and the GPUDirect Storage development work that is ongoing between DDN and NVIDIA to optimize the data path. Not only are we delivering significantly faster workflows, but we are also making the deployment of HPC-like infrastructure remarkably easier.

Organizations that weren’t previously high-performance, data-intensive scalers, as well as those without experience deploying massive infrastructure, will benefit from our joint solutions. DDN has considerable expertise designing and deploying production-ready solutions for customers dealing with the most challenging AI and deep learning problems at scale. DDN A³I solutions are optimized for AI workloads, integrating NVIDIA DGX systems with our A³I storage platform. We’ve been able to simplify AI supercomputing infrastructure to deliver a simplified design that eliminates complexity, is faster to deploy, and easier to manage at scale. With DNA that is core to driving higher levels of performance through parallelism and full-stack innovation, DDN A³I is a great complement to NVIDIA’s DGX SuperPOD architecture, optimized for the most challenging AI workloads at scale.

As a Platinum sponsor for the NVIDIA GTC Digital event, DDN is proudly providing two session talks that are now available for on-demand viewing. Registration is FREE, so be sure to sign up here.

Access to the presentation slides and video recordings are available from these links:

HPC at Scale Enabled by DDN A³I and NVIDIA SuperPOD [S21626]
Presented by William Beaudin, Sr Director of Engineering, DDN

Scalable Storage Environments Optimized for Autonomous Driving [S22671]
Presented by James Coomer, Sr VP Product Management and Marketing, DDN

*Kurt Kuckein is the Vice President of Marketing for DDN

*Tony Paikeday is the Director of Product Marketing for the NVIDIA DGX portfolio of AI supercomputers and NVIDIA accelerated data science platform.

  • Tony Paikeday* Kurt Kuckein*
  • Tony Paikeday* Kurt Kuckein*
  • Co-Authors
  • Date: April 2, 2020

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