The latest announcement of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for high-end disk arrays validates the need for DDN performance, scale and efficiencies across all data intensive use cases. Gartner describes Challengers in the general-purpose disk array market as “… a serious threat to vendors in the Leaders quadrant. They have strong products, as well as sufficient credible market position and resources to sustain continued growth…” Magic-Quadrant-2014What makes DDN unique? How do we differentiate versus traditional storage architectures?

  1. DDN has Led the Market in Solving Complex, Large Scale Data Problems for more than 15 years Solving large scale data problems is not new to DDN. We have the people that understand customer applications, workflow optimization and end-to-end workflows at large scale. We design and deliver the core technology to solve any difficult data problem a customer can throw at us with the fastest throughput (over 60GB/sec in 4U), highest IOPS (6 million in 4U) and highest density (over 5PB in a rack) technology on the market.
  1. Purpose Built to Solve Complex Data Problems at Large Scale Users with large scale data problems in Finance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Web, Cloud, Telco, Academic Research, Government Labs and Security/Lawful Intercept increasingly have large data problems that traditional storage vendors and storage architectures can’t solve. These users rapidly are adopting DDN storage to take advantage of the same DDN technology that powers 2/3 of the World’s Top100 largest supercomputers.


  1. Parallel Architecture Delivering the Best Price/Performance Intelligent tiering built into DDN storage arrays provides the ability to intelligently intermix SSD with SATA and SAS hard disk drives within a single enclosure.  The high IOPS engine in DDN’s storage arrays enables cost effective ingest of small and large file data. Sequential data goes directly to disk media while small, random IO utilizes extremely fast cache.
  1. Application Acceleration Locally and Across Geographies DDN’s software layer was designed over the past decade to tightly couple with, and optimize, data-intensive applications.  Application-aware DDN SFX cache and IME NVM optimization/burst buffer technologies accelerate applications more than 10X and accelerate I/O more than 1000x versus traditional IT storage solutions. Tight integration with DDN’s object storage solution, WOS, allows the file storage solution to scale to 100s of petabytes and dozens of data centers around the world in a single, integrated solution.
  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: December 12, 2014