Organizations are continuously seeking ways to put commercial cloud deployments at the core of their IT practices. Businesses are demanding the elasticity of the cloud to address volatility within markets, innovative approaches and reduce procurement and management costs. However, the attractiveness of on demand capacity and capability with lower management overhead is balanced with plenty of challenges, especially when it comes to performance and capacity hungry applications like analytics.


DDN introduced EXAScaler Cloud to assist data-intensive organizations optimize their commercial cloud experiences by maximizing resources to accelerate and advance business value derived from cloud deployments.  A recent Accenture survey indicates that only 37% of respondents felt their companies had fully achieved their expected outcomes from the cloud.  Two commonly cited barriers to cloud success are legacy application and infrastructure sprawl as well as infrastructure bottlenecks – key areas DDN can help facilitate cloud success.


A perfect example of this is our recent work in collaboration with SAS to help optimize SAS GRID operation for customers utilizing Microsoft Azure. DDN has worked with many customers over the years to provide high performance shared storage for their on-premises deployments of SAS GRID. That experience along with our cloud native EXAScaler deployment capabilities make DDN a well-suited partner for SAS GRID in the cloud.  Customers can now take advantage of a performance oriented architecture with EXAScaler Cloud on Azure.


The results of SAS testing demonstrates that EXAScaler Cloud delivers throughput significantly exceeding the minimum requirements needed for a 64-core SAS GRID application deployment on Microsoft Azure. For more details on the testing and configurations used are available on a newly posted blog on their site.


SAS is just one example of the types of analytics and AI applications that can benefit from EXA Cloud.  As companies look to shift AI and analytics applications to the cloud for customer insight, regulatory risk, and other advanced decision engines, DDN stand ready to help with all facets of cloud adoption from rapid data migration, hybrid and multi-cloud management and optimization of cloud infrastructure.


Contact DDN (sales@ddn.com) for more information on EXAScaler Cloud and optimized storage for SAS GRID.

  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: January 28, 2021

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