At DDN we see the constant improvement of the data path as essential to further enabling customers’ data-centric applications like artificial intelligence (AI), modeling, and analytics.  The new NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand architecture, NVIDIA Mellanox NDR 400Gb/s, helps fuel the next generation of applications that require an optimized, end-to-end architecture from storage media to processor.

What does the updated NDR 400Gb/s mean for DDN’s A3I solutions? It means that the network is prepared to handle the performance requirements of AI and HPC well into the future with reduced cost and complexity. Beyond the 2X bump in bandwidth over HDR 200Gb/s, with a larger switch radix of 64 ports of NDR 400Gb/s (or 128 ports of NDR 200Gb/s) and 32x more acceleration for AI with SHARPv3, enterprise customers can continue to expect the unmatched scalable performance they have come to expect from InfiniBand.

By selecting A3I solutions and other DDN storage systems, customers can rest assured that they are working with data path experts who exploit all the capabilities of the technology to maximize workload acceleration. With close to two decades of experience shipping InfiniBand-based storage systems, DDN’s history and expertise with the technology is virtually unequaled in the storage space. All of the advantages InfiniBand supplies – lower latencies, higher per path data rates, simple multipathing, and dynamic routing – are fully utilized by A3I-based systems to supply predictable high performance with reliability and stability at scale.

Many enterprises have already realized that purpose-built architecture is the key to efficient AI and deep learning application development.  This kind of infrastructure supplies exacting technologies required in effective AI networks. These dedicated infrastructures enable data architects and scientists to access massively parallel, all-flash performance and exploit the full capabilities of GPU-powered computing to slash time-to-insight and put AI to use as quickly as possible. By optimizing the data path with native RDMA, InfiniBand customers get the best performance and realize the highest ROI.

Having worked directly with products using NVIDIA Mellanox technology for many years, we eagerly anticipate integrating the newly announced Mellanox NDR 400Gb/s technology into our storage systems and using the switches for comprehensive end-to-end solutions to drive the fastest and most capable AI systems on the planet.  Check out this video to see how high-performance networking impacts everyday life.

  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: November 16, 2020

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