GigaOm Structure will be taking place next week (June 19th and 20th) at its perennial location in the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. The show this year posts a similar line-up of luminary speakers from all the marquee vendors in IT and Cloud. The interesting twist is the presence of more “normal” companies this year than ever before. Speakers from Revlon, Kohl’s, Pabst Brewing, and The Clorox Company demonstrate that real enterprise IT and cloud are actually coming together. Hopefully the result more about solving real business problems that can help us all (vendor and customer alike) make more money, and be less about technology for technology sake. We will know Cloud has arrived when we stop talking about it so much and talk more about results. This may be the year?

DDN is hosting a workshop to help back this unspoken theme. Our session, “New approaches to performance and efficiency that achieve exceptional cloud-storage economics at scale,” will be on Wednesday June 20th at 3:20pm.

Here is the abstract for the presentation…

Internet services, enterprise applications, and cloud repositories are driving unprecedented levels of performance and capacity requirements for storage that is predicted to continue increase exponentially for the foreseeable future.  Current content and cloud storage infrastructure technologies and solutions can be dramatically wasteful at these levels of scale. This workshop will focus on the challenges encountered of efficient drive utilization, data protection overhead, TB per rack unit density, ancillary component sprawl, performance and capacity coupling, network chatter traffic overload, management complexity costs, emergency maintenance contingencies, expert talent scarcity, and time-to-market delays. Join us to discuss approaches that avoid underperforming on investment and result in moving business results forward.

We are doing our part to push the discussion from challenges to results. If you are at the show, we hope you will join us for this informative session. If you are not at the show, we plan to post the video afterward. We would love to get your feedback.

  • Michael King
  • Michael King
  • Sr. Director Marketing Strategy & Operations
  • Date: June 19, 2013