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It is no question that cloud interest, spending, and usage is growing in all IT environments. Google Cloud and DDN each bring specialized native expertise to the partnership that offers benefits for a more agile and flexible environment for data intensive organizations. Data intensive applications are powering innovation across every industry and while Google Cloud Platform’s existing customer base has found success in the Cloud, many organizations have demanding workloads that have require additional capabilities.

AI and HPC applications often demand an on-premises solution and face significant barriers to bursting workloads because of environmental constraints. That’s where DDN comes in. The fastest public Cloud file system makes AI and ML in the Cloud possible and extends that reach from on-premises into the Cloud to enable hybrid infrastructure, with the push button deployment you expect from cloud-native environments.

Our collaboration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has allowed us to optimize its flexible infrastructure to support data-intensive workloads. Using the power of parallelism DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP, we make everything from getting data to the Cloud to maximizing compute resources and controlling costs for scalable workloads easier.

One major driver behind the demand for high performance cloud is the high cost of GPU-based systems for on-premises deployments.  If a particular workload keeps the GPUs busy less than half the time, bursting those workloads to cloud-based GPUs makes a lot of economic sense. DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP maximizes the freedom to mix public Cloud and on-premises resources for ultimate flexibility. This unique deployment allows for orchestrated data movement to ensure maximum performance with the stability and reliability of a standard operating environment for management and end user continuity of experience.

The fully integrated hybrid solution for on-premises and third-party Clouds increases performance and improves the economics of data intensive applications without data management silos resulting in:

  • Hybrid configurations
  • Unified management
  • Performance at scale
  • Efficiency and cost optimization

Control growing datasets with industry-leading performance, scale, and reliability. DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP is entirely focused on maximum resource utilization, delivering the fastest public cloud file system designed specifically for the needs of data-intensive organizations.  Try it out today!

  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: November 9, 2020

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