Big Data analysis problems continue to push users beyond the limitations of traditional Enterprise storage solutions, so where do you go beyond that? More scalable parallel file system solutions. It’s a logical next step, however, the perceptions of parallel file system solutions is that they are complex, challenging to administer and difficult to understand. This makes the task of choosing and implementing a solution appear very daunting—until you look at DDN. GS7K-Open-BayDDN is expanding its successful family of high-end Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA) Embedded platforms to include a much smaller building block for scale-out environments. To bridge the gap between traditional Enterprise storage and parallel file system solutions, the new GS7K™ Parallel File System Appliance delivers feature-rich turnkey appliance simplicity with massively scalable and high-performance storage with CIFS/NFS and cloud extensions. The GS7K is a perfect fit for customers who seek high performance but need a lower price entry point. It also works well for customers who prefer to scale out their storage environments using smaller building block increments.

Our third generation of embedded PFS appliances and the new GS7K promises to make the transition easy to plan, size and deploy. The GS7K starts small as a single 4U chassis with DDN’s full featured, real time SFA storage operating system, embedded GPFS parallel file system and up to 60 drives. If that’s not enough, up to four 84-drive expansion chassis may be added for a total of 396 disks. You can mix SSD and SAS drive types with the ability to tier data between the media, ensuring maximum performance for the most demanding data challenges. Performance scales linearly as you add more GS7K systems while the Enterprise features that you depend on like snapshots, replication, and quotas are included the solution.

Unexpected capabilities like tiering data to tape for archive or the cloud for offload or disaster recovery and geo collaboration are also available to deliver your Big Data in ways that have never been possible—until now.

Nothing like the GS7K has been done before. Whether you need one system or a hundred, the GS7K will delight users and transform data analysis in the enterprise. With compelling performance, capacity, scalability and ease of use the DDN GS7K will leave you wishing you’d made the transition sooner.

  • DDN Storage
  • DDN Storage
  • Date: October 1, 2014