Welcome to 2015! On my one my one year anniversary with DDN, I felt inspired to share my reflections as DDN closes the books on 2014 while simultaneously ramping up for our Annual Sales Conference in Los Angeles next week. 2014 was a year of great accomplishments at DDN:

  • DDN was recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant as a Challenger to companies such as EMC and NetApp in General Purpose Disk Arrays.


  • DDN was recognized by IDC as a Leader in the Object Storage Marketscape


  • DDN placed IME™ Application Acceleration and Burst Buffer solutions in a dozen high-performance computing customer environments around the world; demonstrating bleeding edge technology that accelerates IO by 1000x, accelerates file systems by 100x and reduces time to results from days to minutes
  • Our management team executed strongly across all areas of the business. We closed the year exceeding our revenue plan for the year, profitably and with growing headcount for DDN team members around the world.

With Q42014 being the largest revenue booking quarter in DDN company history, we have incredible momentum going into 2015. There are a handful of trends in data-centric organizations that we are developing solutions for in 2015. The top three trends that I think will change the way buying decisions are made include:

Mixed I/O:

      Historically file and storage solutions were designed to offer either great IOP performance OR great throughput for larger files. When put into testbeds for today’s data analytics and compute intensive environments, these solutions can’t meet the performance required of users’ mixed workloads. End users, government agencies, researchers and web service providers alike are coming to the rapid conclusion that they need solutions to handle mixed I/O at scale. 2)

Accelerated time-to-results:

      We live in a world where we expect immediate access to any type of information. With applications like Google alerts, Siri, Twitter, Buzz Feed, and Facebook giving us immediate access to any information we desire as individuals, it is not a surprise that businesses have the same urgency. Application acceleration is an area all businesses need to consider whether it is financial institutions looking to make investment options faster, online web companies looking to identify fraud faster, research organizations looking to identify disease outbreaks sooner or Enterprises focusing on delivering competitive advantage through using data to predict business trends. Software solutions that solve bottlenecks in end-to-end infrastructure from compute to persistent storage to the cloud will be a large area of interest in the coming year. 3)

Data Access Across Geographies:

    Data is increasingly a strategic tool, and one that when shared, can help users to derive insights into our world in all kinds of previously unimaginable ways. Users are actively pushing technology providers to help them create, share and secure data in locations around the globe in cost effective and easy to manage ways. It is clear that data is considered strategic in governments, Enterprises and academia. Just watching the news and seeing North Korea hack Sony Entertainment for a film exhibits the need to not only the value of the content, but also the importance of delivering secure and often privately managed content storage solutions. Making data available to the right people across multiple data centers will continue to drive technology buying decisions in 2015.

Here’s to a great 2015! I hope it is filled with joy, prosperity and health for all of you!

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: January 14, 2015