Data-Driven Safety: Using Data Powered VMS to Upgrade Security

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – April 26, 2021 – To call data storage a matter of life and death may sound like an exaggeration, but for the Seneca Nation, their challenge wasn’t far from the truth. While casino-goers may worry only about gains and losses for their pocketbooks, casino security professionals have a more significant concern: visitor safety.

And even though casinos work hard to ensure their patrons’ well-being, the technology they use can sometimes be a hindrance. Security personnel can only cover so much ground. Therefore, they must rely on a sophisticated video management system (VMS) to prevent theft and cheating and ward off criminals or other unwelcome visitors.

How Data Storage Supports Casino Security

While the concept of video surveillance isn’t new, what can now be done with captured footage is revolutionary. Newer cameras provide better-quality video, which the latest software can then analyze to find criminals and gambling addicts’ faces. The final, essential piece to the puzzle is high-capacity, high-speed data storage to provide real-time data analysis. Still, not all casinos have this newer technology in place.

Seneca’s Video Surveillance Challenges

With three facilities totaling nearly 100,000 square feet, upgrading Seneca Nation’s video security system was no small task.

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A comprehensive solution of updated cameras, network equipment, software, and data storage woudl be necessary. That’s because Seneca’s VMS would be used both internally and in direct partnership with law enforcement.

Seneca’s local authorities needed access to timely footage to catch unruly guests and keep away criminals and people with gambling addictions. Therefore, to meet these needs, the best possible equipment would be necessary.

And besides safety threats, Seneca’s security team also faced difficulty maintaining its previous video surveillance system, which required several power-draining, maintenance-intensive racks of storage.

Seneca’s Solution

Acknowledging their need for help, Seneca Nation chose systems integrator Surveillance Systems Inc. (SSI) from Rocklin, CA, to design a solution. SSI, in turn, recommended DDN as their data storage vendor.

As part of SSI’s solution, as described in  Surveillance Systems Inc.’s extensive write-up about how to reap rewards in the high-stakes gaming vertical, DDN provided a new storage area network featuring their SFA7700X appliance. As a result, Seneca was able to reap a variety of benefits.

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First, they upgraded to a high-speed, high-capacity data storage solution that provided intelligent cache management, 80% fewer rebuilds, and automatic reboots of failed drives.

Secondly, they reduced the systems data center footprint by consolidating six petabytes of storage into a single rack, successfully lowering their electrical, HVAC, and labor costs. It turned out that using less rack space resulted in better airflow and cooler operating temperatures.

In the end, Seneca Nation gained access to the high-speed, high-quality footage they needed to secure their guests and facilities better. “DDN did its job flawlessly,” said Ryan Coble, Seneca’s surveillance technology manager.

Similar to the solution they provided for the Seneca Nation, DDN was also able to help the Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne, CA, with its storage challenges. Perhaps there’s a DDN solution that fits your needs? If you’re looking to leverage the power of high-speed, high-capacity data storage for your video security or other application, be sure to contact DDN to get your questions answered!

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