Every business everywhere is looking to increase the productivity of key resources.  In the case of the data scientist, nothing is worse than wasting time due to inefficient processing of queries.  This is time spent paying a valuable resource, and time wasted not creating business differentiation.  Tremendously accelerating the analytics pipeline is currently seen as an expensive proposition, requiring a significant increase in the amount of computational power as well as storage capabilities needed to feed that compute.

By partnering on a complete solution, SQream and DDN have simultaneously addressed both problems.  With the turnkey DDN A3I Reference Architecture and SQream DB, enterprises can now leverage the parallelism of GPU computing, parallel data storage, and SQream’s unique database to analyze more data and do it faster.

The SQream DB, running with a GPU turbo boost, uses advanced columnar techniques to efficiently process immense amounts of data. The SQream DB speeds up ingestion and analysis of data by up to 100x, compared to CPU-bound industry-leading solutions.  When combined with an the ultra-efficient A3I solution from DDN (which in the test case below is the combination of NVIDIA DGX-1 systems and DDN’s AI200 parallel file system appliance), customers don’t just get an easy to deploy configuration, but they also gain an additional 40% efficiency when processing I/O bound queries.

In this white paper, testing between SQream and DDN demonstrated that the DDN A3I architecture realized query performance increases for all TPC-H query types, but provided a significant acceleration for I/O bound problems – when compared to local server storage.


Additionally, the reference architecture yields many times the performance required for this increase in performance, so the architecture is primed to scale to problems many times the size of the benchmark – with performance more than 10x larger than required for this data run.  This means customers have an impressively efficient system that can scale to their needs – regardless of the size of the problem.  In fact, DDN systems can continue to scale performance and capacity in a simple modular way to address requirements of any size.

SQream DB and DDN A3I are a simple, scalable, and cost-effective way to maximize the utilization of their most important asset – data – and extract more insight in less time to move their business forward to create differentiation and value.

  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: February 26, 2019

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