What does it mean to be “limitless”? How do you measure something that, by definition, cannot be measured? If you are in the storage industry, do you measure it in IOPs? Throughput? Scale…in Petabytes or Exabytes?

Today we proudly announced that we closed our fiscal year 2013 with strong business momentum, fueled by increased customer bookings – and more than 120 net new customers. That means we’ve delivered more than 500 Petabytes of high performance storage to more than 1,100 customers around the world.

For our customers in the financial, higher education, life sciences, manufacturing, government intelligence, energy, and media & entertainment sectors, being limitless means being able to achieve competitive advantage by leveraging technology in the smartest, most efficient way possible to unlock the secrets of their data – limitless quantities of data.

To give you an idea: Our customers use DDN storage to monetize data that many others are still struggling to make sense of. We’re enabling scientific discovery that is pushing the boundaries of medicine and astronomy; we’re enabling Nobel prize winners to perform their world changing discoveries; we’re unlocking behavioral insights to improve service delivery and customer experience; we’re helping Wall Street and banks around the world achieve financial trading accuracy to makes the most of their investments; and, we’re helping geologists discover oil or predict seismic activity to help avoid catastrophes and enable preparedness. Whatever the industry or ultimate goal may be for companies like BP,  Life Technologies, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and Suzuki– DDN is providing the storage technology that enables businesses to extract insight, derive value and deliver actionable results from overwhelming amounts of information.

Our technology portfolio builds on innovation that we’ve been developing for more than 15 years, that in 2013 delivered on the company’s promise of solutions to address the world’s largest data and cloud storage challenges. Our solutions deal with the “limitless” challenge of scientific, financial, industrial and commercial applications with a focus on massive scale out object storage, extreme performance, Hadoop-based analytics and file system and workflow acceleration.

Many of you may know that I officially joined DDN a mere three weeks ago, and many may expect me to turn to a vague cliché to say that there is no limit to what we’ll continue to do at DDN. But from what I have seen as I dive into where we are now and where we are going, I believe “limitless” is something that can be measurably achieved. DDN’s future roadmap shows that limitless is exactly where we are headed. Watch this space!

See the DDN momentum release here

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: February 10, 2014