032816-actobj[5]Archives are undergoing a radical transformation, fueled by rapidly growing file sizes and new access requirements. Object storage enables IT managers to archive content faster, reducing the cost of tier-one storage. This preserves opportunities to monetize content while increasing access and speed at a substantially lower price point than traditional RAID disk-based solutions (and not much more than tape).

As the rate of data growth accelerates, more data needs to be moved off of expensive primary storage faster, to larger and larger repositories. At the same time, the rising value of business analytics – and other functions calling for reprocessing of older data – means a greater percentage of organizational data is being kept than ever before, and for longer and longer periods.

Adding an active archive tier between Spinning Media and Deep Archive makes a lot of sense from a cost, management and data access standpoint. Active archive allows for easy access to all pools of storage permitting the management of almost limitless volumes of data for better intelligence, competitive advantage or for regulatory requirements.

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Object Storage for Active Archive, Content Distribution and Collaboration

Object storage is becoming the standard for active archive applications because its performance and cost-effectiveness. DDN WOS Object Storage appliances, for example, deliver the performance of disk at near the price point of tape, while WOS Software capabilities support deployment for any combination of local archive, remote archive, content distribution and multi-site collaboration.

The Industry’s Largest, Fastest Object Store is Also Highly Available & Secure

DDN WOS is the industry’s largest, fastest object store. It is also highly available, secure and resilient, delivering the highest level of data durability in the industry- able to survive an entire data-center outage when deployed across multiple sites.

Pay As You Grow – Grow As You Need

No one wants to pay for more than they need – not for capacity, and not for the added TCO of supporting more infrastructure than is needed. DDN WOS expands simply – a node at a time – letting administrators buy, manage and deploy exactly what is needed and to scale the performance and capacity as the organization expands.

How Do You Manage Tomorrow’s Scale with Today’s Staff?

It also allows an organization to take control of its content and easily create and manage public, private or hybrid clouds that sit securely behind a firewall. Administrators can also economically and efficiently manage capacity of up to double digit Petabytes with just one full-time employee and enjoy the benefits of the system’s self-healing capabilities. As content continues to grow, an active archive can scale seamlessly to billions of objects in a single namespace. Flexible, user-defined data protection options are key in making this a reality.

What is YOUR Organization’s Return on Data?

Implementing an archive active creates incremental revenue opportunities and provides the ability to convert what has historically been a cost center into a revenue-producing asset. A combined cloud and object storage infrastructure provides additional capabilities, allowing users to collaborate at LAN speeds and access data from any device, anywhere in the world.

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  • Shreyak Shah
  • Shreyak Shah
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Date: March 28, 2016