Have you driven through the desert in the south western United States?  These days when you pass those mom and pop Casinos with the Winnebago’s parked outside, think about the security center that casino is running – you are very likely passing a petabyte or more in surveillance data… and its growing fast.  Done any time lately?  I certainly hope not, but if you have, your every move behind bars has been recorded and is likely being held for months or even years in a centralized repository with 1 to 10 petabytes worth of similar inmate images.  Every time you get on a plane, a bus, a train or even an amusement park ride, you are being surveilled.

Protecting people, property, ports, monuments and even the environment all adds up to massive data generation.  When you look at the quantity of data being generated, and the range of instrument types (cameras), formats and resolutions involved, a video surveillance workflow has a lot in common with High Performance compute site in particle physics or oil and gas.

Like event capture for particle collisions, security surveillance captures ephemeral events – once the event is over, if you missed it, it is gone. Unlike particle physics, you can never hope to recreate the event.  So missing it kind of defeats the whole point of undertaking surveillance in the first place.

As video surveillance projects grow – from terabytes to petabytes, from 10’s of cameras to 100s or even 1000s it gets harder and harder to make sure nothing is missed – especially when something goes wrong.  Full performance ingest, simultaneous ingest and analysis– even when components fail – is something DDN customers and partners have come to expect, whether they’re dealing with city-wide projects or a couple of hundred terabytes in a roadside casino.

Nowhere will you find more petabytes in the desert than in Las Vegas, NV, home to the largest concentration of gaming and gaming surveillance in the world.

DDN will be there too.  We are exhibiting at ISC West (April 15-17th, DDN Booth # 6045), and in our booth you will see LIVE storage solutions that start at 80 TB, deliver 4 PB in half a rack, and scale to thousands of cameras and hundreds of PB.  Come by and you can pull a drive or two out of a running DDN system and watch while playback just keeps streaming along.  Not impressive enough?  Wait a few more seconds as every video frame destined for the drives that were pulled from the system moves from the journal to the drives in a partial drive rebuild state.  We will have engineers there so you don’t have to talk to sales or marketing if you don’t want to….It’s ok, we understand.

  • Laura Shepard
  • Laura Shepard
  • Senior Director of Marketing
  • Date: April 14, 2015