It’s birthday season in my house; we celebrate 16 birthdays in about 2 months. My youngest daughter and my father-in-law even share the same birthday. As you can imagine, it gets wildly hectic, but I remember when my daughters were younger (they’re pretty much grown up now) taking the time each birthday to reflect on how much they’d changed… how much they’d grown… how much more they were capable of each year. Then looking forward to what they might accomplish in the coming year.

DDN has a birthday that falls in September as well (guess that ups my total to 17). It’s DirectMon’s birthday – this month DirectMon is 1 year old! And coincidentally, September is the month that we’re releasing the next version, DirectMon 2.0.

Just like with my daughters, I can look back and see just how much DirectMon has grown in its first year and how much more it’s capable of.  DirectMon is DataDirect Network’s Storage Resource Manager (SRM).  Its primary responsibility is to simplify the complex task of managing today’s block, file and object based storage through a series of metric reporting and management functions. As an example of the metric reporting function, the DirectMon System Summary dashboard provides a one-glimpse view of the health and performance characteristic of every system that you have DirectMon monitoring.  From this dashboard you can drill down to very granular metrics to help optimize your Big Data storage.

From a management standpoint, DirectMon’s core capabilities include provisioning and configuration. Provisioning assigns specific storage to specific resources like applications, virtual disks or specific people.  Configuration is the process of setting up a system to contain the attributes and functionality you need.

And like icing on a birthday cake, DirectMon now supports all DDN storage solutions, which is pretty unique in the storage industry. Ultimately with the functionality being introduced in version 2.0, DirectMon will deliver more efficiency, more information and simpler functions which all point to lowered cost to support DDN storage solutions.  Lower costs is something I think we all can appreciate.

Just like with my daughters, I’m really looking forward to DirectMon’s next birthday.  I think it will be exciting to see just how much more value can be delivered by our SRM over the next 12 months.

DirectMon is available from DataDirect Networks or its partners.  If you want to get more information about DirectMon or view a short demonstration video go to datadirect.wpengine.com/products/directmon.

  • Brad Renfree
  • Brad Renfree
  • Director, Professional Services
  • Date: September 24, 2013