The first day of NAB Show in Las Vegas was amazing, both inside and out.  Walking into the show, attendees were greeted by warm spring weather and heavy aisle traffic from this year’s larger, more enthusiastic crowd. Right outside the South Hall entrance is where you’ll find Level3’s Communications bus (see below). Onboard, they are performing demos of their Content Delivery Network. The high level of interest in their solution is a great indicator of what users want to see at the show this year. People come from all over the world to NAB in search of the best solutions to create, store and share their increasingly high (and higher) resolution content. They are looking closely at vendor options that can offer the end-to-end performance, content protection and delivery required in today’s rapidly changing landscape.  The end goal is to gain competitive advantage and achieve faster delivery of engaging video, programs, news and film. DDN blog image 1

At the DDN booth (SL8016), we have been inviting visitors to experience hands-on demonstrations of the Level 3 Cloud Content Exchange, which is powered by DDN’s GRIDScaler™ solution. A complete network designed to scale to over 100PBs with efficient data center utilization and built-in data protection captured interest for both the Level 3 Solution and for DDN storage. Before heading out to NAB Show, we caught up with Level 3 to talk about the role of storage in delivering content and enabling the continued evolution of today’s “always-on” media environment – you can read our Q&A in the DDN blog, where Level 3 also discussed how they are preparing for the next era of video, with new connected devices and HD to 4K aspect ratios.

With new high-quality and high-definition video content come new production requirements, which brings me to Deluxe Entertainment, currently demoing their active archive solution that is also built on DDN’s WOS. Highlighting the broad benefits of object storage, in media solutions, the Deluxe team has been walking our guests through how to build a very high performance front end to meet client expectations of rapid content delivery and access while also optimizing for a lower cost and achieving tier. Those attending NAB this week who work for production studios like Deluxe, with offices around the world, will be happy to learn that solutions like DDN’s have played a significant role in helping Deluxe address massive storage and seamless collaboration – two requirements that are critical to the filmmaking and production process. This level of support throughout the entire media and entertainment workflow and data life cycle also helps unleash the creative process, delivering on the best of both worlds.

The show floor was bustling with activity and seemed as though attendance very likely is possibly higher than last year. If you want to connect with us at, or beyond NAB, please follow @ddn_limitless and the #StorageForMedia hashtag on Twitter to join us in these conversations. Here’s to day 2!

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: April 8, 2014