Our annual Life Sciences Field Day brings together industry experts from leading life sciences organizations for discussions on addressing today’s most pressing data management challenges. This year’s event featured a range of topics from the impact of machine learning in precision medicine and medical image analysis, to consent tracking and accreditation for clinical data, to high-resolution microscopy data capture and processing.

The best practices featured at our event are helping life sciences institutions overcome some of today’s greatest data challenges around machine learning and large instruments for medical and life sciences research.

To learn more about how recent innovations by DDN are changing how life science data is stored, shared, and analyzed, visit us or register to schedule an appointment at DDN booth #3213 at SC18. We look forward to seeing you there!

Watch these 2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation videos and discover how organizations are addressing the biggest data challenges created by high data-rate instruments, machine learning initiatives and other demanding workflows:

George Vacek, Global Director, Life Sciences of DDN welcomes the attendees and shares remarks at the 2018 Life Sciences Field day

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Joel Zysman, Director of Advanced Computing, University of Miami

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mark Ebrahim, Senior Staff Scientist– Cryo Electron Microscopy Resource Center, Rockefeller University

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Kristina Kermanshahche, Founder & CEO, Perspicace.AI

2018 Life Sciences Field Day: Jeffrey Lengyel, Principal Scientist EM Life Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Stephan Nickell, Product Manager, Business Development mSEM, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH; Anahita Pakzad, Senior Applications Scientist, Gatan; Sergei Sorkin, Director of Marketing, Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Marc Bruce, CEO & Founder, Microvolution

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mehrzad Samadi, CEO, Parabricks

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Andras Pataki, Senior Data Scientist, Scientific Computing Core, Flatiron Institute

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mahmood Mohammadi Shad, Scientific Software Engineer, FAS Research Computing & Center for Brain Science, Harvard University

2018 LSFD birds of a feather discussion

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Loïc Royer, Group Leader, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

  • George Vacek
  • George Vacek
  • Global Business Director - Life Sciences, Healthcare and Machine Learning
  • Date: November 7, 2018

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