Leading life sciences organizations are leveraging high performance, high-scale data solutions for genomics, imaging and simulation workflows. These solutions enable them to accelerate their research in a secure and collaborative environment by capturing and effectively exploiting large scale research data at speed. As artificial intelligence begins to play a bigger role in the life sciences research process, it is important to be able to efficiently manage data across its entire lifecycle to deliver faster and more actionable results.


Many aspects of precision medicine are utilizing machine learning, such as mining phenotypic and genotypic patient data for better targets therapies or for faster and more accurate medical image analysis. Organizations with a vision for the future realize how the data at the heart of their machine learning initiatives will require extensive scaling.  While early training sets may easily fit in-node, those that are not planning for what happens when successful approaches are applied to larger data sets will be left behind.


The analytics and AI disruption across data-oriented industries presents a serious challenge to businesses and requires development of new expertise and transformation of data architectures. The new AI datacenter must be optimized to extract maximum value from data – that is, ingesting, storing, and transforming data and then feeding that data through hyper-intensive analytics workflows – with an architecture that is able to scale in both performance and capacity. Using high performance data solutions for deep learning and artificial intelligence applications ensures deeper insights, a shorter path to value, and capability for effortless scaling.

If you’d like to read more about the role of storage in artificial intelligence, check out my blog on AI Infrastructure: Why Storage Matters.


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  • George Vacek
  • George Vacek
  • Global Business Director - Life Sciences, Healthcare and Machine Learning
  • Date: May 9, 2018

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