Object storage is hot (again), not because it “is a storage architecture that manages data as objects” (thank you Wikipedia), but because it can be cheaper, scale higher, and have richer metadata than traditional storage architectures like file systems.

So, should you replace your SAN or NAS with it? Probably not. Object storage is not built for high-transaction data. If you’re using that data a lot, it should stay in a file system (for now). But for write-once, read-seldom data, it is ideal. This is why object storage is the storage of choice behind massive cloud stores like Azure, S3 and others.

These massive use cases get a lot of press, which can obscure the object storage use cases everyone else in the world cares about. Because it is the architecture behind these behemoths, the real use cases for why anyone would deploy object storage in their own data center gets lost sometimes.

DDN is a leader in object storage. According to IDC, we’ve been a leader since 2014 – thanks IDC!  According to us, it has been a bit longer. And yes, some of our largest customers are using our object storage for public cloud infrastructure, but the vast majority are using it for active archive. Large scale data collaboration, data availability, and Enterprise IT applications like file sync and share are rising use cases, but active archive is #1. This is no surprise when you consider the low percentage of individual administrators needed to manage object storage on a per PB basis.

When surveyed, HPC show a strong current preference for on-premise cloud, but also a strong requirement for public cloud interfaces, so it is no surprise that for 2016, S3 was the most requested interface for DDN’s WOS® Object Storage platform.

DDN’s decision a year ago to offer WOS as software-only (in addition to several appliance options) has accelerated adoption in academic research, but web 2.0 and active archive for genomics data still lead the pack. There is also nice growth in media, video surveillance, government, manufacturing, and oil and gas. See how 16 different customers are using DDN WOS object storage for active archive and collaboration.

For more information on DDN’s WOS object storage solutions, please visit: http://www.ddn.com/products/object-storage-web-object-scaler-wos/

  • Laura Shepard
  • Laura Shepard
  • Senior Director of Marketing
  • Date: February 1, 2017