Hello, world.

After many, many years of reading online musings and after running marketing at DDN for years, I’ve asked myself… “Hey, Jeff. You’ve had the chance to do this for a while.  Why are we only now firing up the DDN blog? Why not leap-frog the whole thing and just feed the audience in tasty little 140-character morsels?”

Tweet This:  #ddn_limitless opens up in ways that press releases or twitter chirps simply can’t allow for … and they’ve got a lot to say. #yesthisismeanttobeironic

<end self-indulgent attempt to be funny>

In seriousness… DDN is at an amazing juncture in the company’s history and we have the fortune of having many people asking us, “How do you do it?” and also the fortune of having a team of some of the best people in the industry who really want to tell our story to customers, partners and industry influencers.  That begins now.

Welcome to the DDN blog devoted to exploring the world of Big Data, the technologies and processes, and how it’s impacting business. We will make every attempt to not make this a storage blog. As a 15-year old company that has operated in some of the most data-intensive parts of the storage market, we do happen to know a thing or two about storage. While that is well and good, I believe we have much more exciting things to talk about – and that’s our objective here.

There’s an amazing transformation happening across Big Data and Cloud markets, and DDN is at the forefront of many technology disruptions that will define what tomorrow’s data centers and computing paradigms will look like. We have the incredible fortune of having customers that operate at the leading/bleeding edge, at the highest end of the scalability spectrum. The easiest example of this is at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where the world’s fastest supercomputer is in production. ORNL has engineered a machine to help answer some of the world’s toughest scientific questions through computational simulation and high-scale analytics… and they use DDN technology (we’ll talk about that more in a future posting).  This case study is emblematic of customers in all of the industries we work in – including financial services, web-scale computing, government intelligence and more – where leaders in Big Data and Cloud computing are partnering with DDN to enable unprecedented levels of insight from Big Data and to foster real-time social connection via cloud and web-scale computing.

These are the stories we want to tell here and these are the conversations we want to have with you.

Looking forward, expect to hear about how our amazing customers are solving Big Data challenges with DDN technology.  Of course we will talk about storage technology (spoiler alert: big product launch coming soon!), but not for storage’s sake.  Big Data is about context – the context of how ingestion, processing, storage and distribution of information is applied to create value.  The goal of this blog is to build this context, explain the value and educate in 141+ character increments.

So, again: Welcome to the DDN blog.  Please feel free to join in on the discussion.  Tell us what you’re thinking and what you most want to know.  We’ll provide the context.

– jeff

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  • Date: February 25, 2013