These are exciting times to be part of the data storage industry. At DDN, we have been enjoying watching as the pace of adoption of innovative technologies that deliver real business value to customers are deployed throughout the Enterprise.

2016 rapidly is becoming the year of the all flash array. Just 6 months ago, DDN began shipping IME, an application acceleration & burst buffer software which leverages NVMe and SAS SSD technologies to accelerate applications and file systems while eliminating erratic performance in the cluster. IME was the first product to market to bring compute memory and storage together while simultaneously addressing the multitude of IO problems that plague large scale data environments.

Today, DDN has announced yet another game changing solution to tackle the big data problems of performance intensive data centers. Designed to deliver the highest performance and capacity in a cost-optimized and feature rich platform, the new DDN Flashscale™ All Flash Array is designed to accelerate and optimize Enterprise Big Data and Analytics, Web Scale Cloud and HPC environments. Rounding out DDN’s All Flash product offerings, the Flashscale solution delivers best of breed performance without compromising on cost effective capacity.

DDN commands a 68% storage market share to the Top 100 highest performance data centers around the globe. We’ve been racking-up the miles, introducing Flashscale to our current customers and meeting many new enterprise folks who are now burdened with an entirely new set of non-traditional, data-intensive applications to support.   Time and again, we hear that despite the highly competitive all flash array market, both our at-scale hardware platform and specialized software resolves a very different set of challenges than simply making email and VDI faster. For the past 20 years we’ve been dealing with ultra performance-intensive and data-intensive challenges – as these customers are always pushing technology beyond its known limits. This exposure had provided us with a “Company CV” that can’t be matched. Not only do we have the most experienced technical team in the industry for performance architectures, we also have over a dozen generations of development evolution and refinement to our at-scale storage platforms.

DDN Flashscale is the culmination of this experience and innovation, changing the economics of flash performance architectures. With Flashscale, enterprise applications will experience immediate acceleration, delivering analytics results on average 5x faster than with alternative all flash arrays – without breaking the bank as prices start as low as $1/GB for capacity optimized configurations.

The true value of Flashscale is unleashing business changing results from data intensive applications such as:

  • Analytics, database acceleration, Hadoop environments
  • Banking, compliance, back testing and high frequency trading
  • Genomics sequencing, healthcare, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, chip design
  • Cloud edge, web-scale environments
  • Fraud protection and detection, credit card validation
  • IOT / sensor generated data capture and analysis
  • Real-time data processing
  • Seismic processing, weather forecasting

The real world benefit enterprises will realize as they deploy our new Flashscale solution is not only in accelerating applications and workloads, but also in dramatically reducing software license fees modeled on a cost/core basis. By accelerating the per core performance 5-8x, Flashscale can help enterprises cut their software license fees to a fraction of the previous costs. Many DDN customers are able to reduce annual software license fees for database and analytic applications from millions to just a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

  • Molly Rector
  • Molly Rector
  • CMO, EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing
  • Date: May 17, 2016