As long-standing partner of DDN, Lenovo has been proposing our storage solutions to the HPC market for years. Now that Lenovo is covering a broader spectrum of the HPC market, they are expanding their storage capabilities to support their HPC engagements. As a result, we’ve expanded our collaboration efforts with Lenovo to actively work on and propose DDN-based Lustre solutions to Lenovo’s customers.

One example of this collaboration is in Lenovo’s Global HPC Benchmark Center and HPC Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany, which offers a permanent R&D and application benchmarking site for customers. DDN and Lenovo have installed DDN storage, combined with the Lustre file system, which allows them to benchmark the storage and file system side of an HPC Solution from DDN, combined with Lenovo’s HPC systems and solutions.

The definition of HPC Building blocks based on DDN and Lenovo capabilities will be further developed and tested in this collaboration to validate and ensure the expected quality and cost effectiveness of this combined solution delivery capability.

DDN’s Lustre solution in Stuttgart will be made available to DDN/Lenovo’s global benchmarkers and partners to facilitate and support the benchmarking for and combined HPC solution propositions to the market.

We are excited to further collaborate with Lenovo to continue to deliver the most innovative solutions for the HPC market. If you are interested in learning more, visit us next week at ISC 2016, June 19-23, 2016 in Frankfurt at Booth #1010 or schedule a meeting here.

  • Rick Koopman
  • Rick Koopman
  • Date: June 20, 2016