Almost two months out from the Austin OpenStack summit I am still fascinated how quickly OpenStack has evolved. We had the honor to attend and exhibit at the OpenStack summit last April. It was one of the best summits that I have ever attended. There is a lot of excitement over the next generation of cloud platforms.

Let me start by sharing this story with you: four years ago, I joined an ISP provider where I was responsible for leading a team to build a public cloud. I remember how difficult it was to explain to my manager the OpenStack ecosystem, and how hard it was to find someone who knew how to implement it.

What Has Changed?

OpenStack is maturing. OpenStack is no longer a buzz-word, neither a POC, but is now a tangible technology. In the beginning, analysts and consulting companies predicted that OpenStack would not become an enterprise technology, but the tone has changed since then. This is why organizations like Gartner are putting more attention to this distribution.

OpenStack At Austin

It’s an amazing story to know that this event has come a long way from its very first gathering six years ago, where 75 people gathered to learn about OpenStack in its infancy. That’s a sharp contrast to the 7,000+ people in attendance this year, during Austin’s second OpenStack Summit, finally returning to where it all started. Also, Austin, the capital of live music, hosted a live band, which added a very good taste to the main stage.

Opening Keynote

I absolutely loved the keynote speakers. I totally agree with Jonathan on Data Center diversity. This is why at DDN we chose to invest in OpenStack and to be on board with the next generation data center (on a side note, we enforce diversity even in our OpenStack storage solution. Learn more about our Cinder storage support).

OpenStack & IoT

IoT is becoming a reality. Smart city homes are becoming affordable, and that mean a lot of sensors data that needs to be captured and processed to drive insights and innovation. At DDN, we are familiar with such workflows, where we enable big data infrastructure. Check out this cool demo from tcpcloud about an IoT smart city use case in the Czech Republic.)

OpenStack & Storage

There are very interesting discussions out there about OpenStack storage core services. Perhaps storage is the most interesting part of OpenStack ecosystem. Some advice to you, go with the storage solution that can do File, Block and Object and that has been tested at PB scale (Wait a sec! isn’t that what DDN does?).

Marketplace Discussions:

User discussions were the most interesting part of the summit.  We had people at the booth from different places who are doing amazing stuff with OpenStack. We featured our mid-range appliance, the GS7K, and we demonstrated how DDN storage solutions give you the greatest features at scale for Cloud environments.

Finally, Congratulations to our Winner

Congratulations to Nobuyuki Tamaoki winner of an Amazon Echo from DDN at the OpenStack Summit! (There’s an amazing OpenStack community in Japan)

Open Stack Award Winner

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  • Abdulrahman Alkhamees
  • Abdulrahman Alkhamees
  • Date: June 6, 2016