Business owners are more and more comfortable allowing their employees to work remotely. Now, that RFP, that white paper, those internal emails are all being written by employees at home in socks and sweats, who are typing with one hand, and with the other hand throwing a ball to a golden retriever. Meetings are being held between employees in the office and others in airports, sharing data and making edits to documents in real time.

At some point or another, an employee laptop is going to get lost, and all the employee data is lost with it. At some point, that marketer who is working at home and caring for their sick child is going to need to access the same data that they get in their office space. Dropbox and Google Drive™ are simple solutions, but they take company data outside company control, which raises red flags from IP protection to compliance requirements to plain old lost productivity. Businesses need to take steps toward establishing a data protection solution that meets the access, security and management problems that come with the increase in workforce mobility.

That solution is WOS® Enterprise Protect.

<strong>DDN WOS Enterprise Protect</strong>

For the very first time, businesses can implement an on-premise cloud storage solution that is cost-effective, scalable, and reliable, and offers a full set of enterprise features. Now businesses can offer easy access file sync and share, efficient and speedy endpoint backup, along with all the data governance tools departments like IT, HR, and legal that need to control business data.

Employees working outside the office now have one-click access to all their data, and on whatever device they are using (Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS®, iOS, Android™ devices). They can share data internally and externally without creating headaches for IT. This is file sharing made simple and secure, with thorough tracking and auditing.

When an employee is travelling, the loss of a laptop or mobile device means that their data is gone for good – until now. WOS Enterprise Protect ensures speedy and efficient backups to any device, preserving personal settings and enabling auto-resume, eliminating frustration and keeping data protected.

Data governance is no longer a messy job for IT. WOS Enterprise Protect’s consolidated data dashboard enables IT managers to manage policies, monitor and assess data risks, and review activity history to ensure compliance with regulations. For legal teams, it delivers a built-in legal hold workflow that facilitates the collection and preservation of relevant data for legal teams without slowing employee productivity.

All of these enterprise features are delivered on top of DDN’s industry leading object storage platform, WOS. WOS is the perfect foundation to cost-effectively and reliably deliver data governance, protection and sharing features for organizations from a few locations and hundreds of employees to global businesses with large scale operations.

Increased workforce mobility doesn’t have to be a tangled mess to manage. It’s a convenience. Employees and business owners mutually benefit when employees can use their personal devices and work from home. Productivity should be possible even away from the office, and business data should be available and secure wherever that work is done, whether that be while waiting to get on a flight, or pouring a cup of coffee at home in those bunny rabbit slippers, or while tossing that tennis ball to the family dog. Your IT infrastructure should also know how to play fetch.

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  • Matthew Garnese
  • Matthew Garnese
  • Date: January 12, 2016