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When I Benchmark, it Screams: Getting Infrastructure Right


jd maloney

JD Maloney
HPC Storage Engineer

Alex Younts

Alex Younts
Principal Research Engineer
Purdue University

Bret Weber

Bret Weber

Academic research breakthroughs revolutionize fields, build careers, and accelerate institutional funding. Now more than ever, universities and research institutions are increasingly turning to AI to unlock insights contained in those massive datasets. Join experts from Purdue University and NCSA to discover how they are propelling data-intensive fields like genomics, molecular biology, fluid dynamics, and particle physics by enabling faster access to ever-larger data sets that are crucial to meaningful research and discoveries. Attend this webinar to learn how:

  • Purdue implements HPC solutions with their hybrid system, “Anvil” and 2020 “Bell”  to unlock true maximum performance, and serve thousands of researchers and students each year.
  • NCSA benefits from all-Flash “Delta” to transform their AI workflows and best enable their researchers.
  • You can revolutionize your organization’s HPC applications through a stable, consistent, and high-performance storage infrastructure.

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