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Accelerating Lustre with DDN IME

In this webinar, DDN’s technical experts cover the latest innovations in DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine® (IME®) flash-native caching and how those advances are delivering greater performance and efficiency for Lustre*. To provide the proper balance of performance, capacity, and control, IME fully integrates with Lustre as a transparent and elastic caching layer to deliver maximum efficiency. Presenters share how IME delivers the greatest simplicity at scale, providing:

  • The highest performance
  • Dramatically smaller footprint
  • Much lower power consumption
  • Lower hardware cost
  • Better small file performance

… when compared with using the parallel file system alone.

Lustre has emerged as a leading file system to support high-performance workflows and applications. However, expanding use cases such as advanced analytics and machine learning are pushing this already high performance solution. This stress, in turn, creates an imbalance between the performance required to execute applications with the actual capacity that is necessary to store the data.

During the webinar, presenters share how IME is creating simplicity at scale for Lustre along with key technology updates to the IME appliance and software. Theyl also discuss real-world uses cases and recent benchmarks that will help demonstrate the benefits and advantages of adding IME to Lustre workflows.



James Coomer
Technical Director


Laura Shepard
 Senior Director of Marketing