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Data, AI and Analytics Summit

On Demand: DDN Data AI and Analytics Summit 2021


On Demand: DDN Data, AI and Analytics Summit 2021
On Demand: DDN Data, AI and Analytics Summit 2021


The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Manuvir Das | Head of Enterprise Computing | NVIDIA

The Future of AI in the Enterprise: Get a fresh perspective on how enterprise and data centers will evolve to take advantage of AI technologies and learn tips on best-in-class practices.

On Demand: DDN Data AI and Analytics Summit 2021

Questions, Answers and Poll Results

Manuvir Das, Kurt Kuckein and Paul Bloch


The Opportunity for Scalable Storage Systems

Paul Bloch | President | DDN

The Opportunity for Scalable Storage Systems: Take a dive into the rapid adoption of high-performance storage technologies, with 3,500 DGX systems connected to DDN storage systems and over 1 Exabyte of capacity are enabled over the last two years.


Intelligent Infrastructure for a Changing World

James Coomer | Senior Vice President Products | DDN

Intelligent Infrastructure for a Changing World: Discover the advantages of DDN’s newest Unified storage system for virtual and containerized environments, and an all-NVME X2 appliance that delivers 90 GB/sec reads and 70 GB/sec writes, and up to 3 million IOPS per appliance.


I/O acceleration in a modular HPC environment

Sebastian Lührs | Research Associate | Jülich

I/O Acceleration in a modular HPC Environment: Hear about the latest research at JSC using their new high-performance storage tier, which supports three of the largest supercomputers on the Top500 list, delivering a total of 2TB/sec total throughput.


Accelerating single-stream performance with EXAScaler 6

Patrick Farrell | Senior Engineer | DDN

Accelerating Single-Stream Performance in EXAScaler: Discover techniques to accelerate single stream performance and optimization techniques used in EXA6 to introduce pipelined reads and writes into single-stream I/O, with no modifications to user applications.


From Smart Cities to NLP

Akkarit Sangpetch | Program Director | CMKL

From Smart Cities to NLP: Building a National Infrastructure for AI Applications: Learn how the National AI platform for Thailand Universities is enabling collaborative technologies (CSI, Kubernetes, etc), to accelerate key projects such as Smart Cities and Natural Language Processing.


Raising the bar in High-Frequency Trading

Maria Gutierrez | Solutions Engineer | DDN

Raising the Bar in High-Frequency Trading: Join Maria as she shares the latest results published by STAC Research, which demonstrate a single “X2” appliance outperforming many other configurations comprising multiple competitive systems.

The NVIDIA DGX™ A100 system features eight NVIDIA GPUs and two 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors

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