DDN USER WEBINAR: Tuesday, December 20

Wondering what you missed at SC16? Get the scoop about DDN’s new NVME/SSD, PFS and Object Solutions!

Whether you missed SC16 altogether or you just want to refresh your memory about what you heard during the User Group meeting, this December on-demand webinar will help you learn about everything from the world’s fastest hybrid SSD and disk to the most flexible, reliable Lustre* and Spectrum Scale™ embedded solutions.

Watch DDN’s Laura Shepard, senior director of product and vertical marketing, for a recap of what we shared during the conference about our ground-breaking, cutting-edge technology. During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to deliver unprecedented resulted with our new SFA14KX®, SFA14KXE®, GS14KX™, and ES14KX™ solutions, and how you can dramatically boost workflow speeds, achieve reliable performance, and shrink latency with our new IME240™ appliance and software-only options. Laura also discussed our new Multi-Level Security (MLS) Lustre* Solution that allows you to meet the highest multi-level security requirements with up to 2x the performance of competitive offerings. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the topics she covered:

  • How to boost your workflow speeds, shrink latency, and achieve predictable performance with the world’s fastest, cost-optimized NVMe/SSD
  • How to improve file system reliability at any scale and the highest bandwidth with the most flexible, reliable Lustre and Spectrum Scale embedded solutions
  • How to achieve the highest efficiency and security with the best object, archive, and cloud software that supports S3, Swift, OpenStack®, Hadoop®, Spark, and ZFS

Whether your requirements are in Enterprise, labs, academia, or cloud, DDN has developed a set of solutions for your unique high-performance computing needs. Watch this on-demand webinar today to discover the newest HPC technologies and how you can re-energize your workflows!


Laura Shepard
Senior Director of Product and Vertical Marketing