eResearch Australasia Conference

Join us at the eResearch Australasia Conference to discuss and share ideas and examples on new information centric research capabilities. This conference will discuss the current state of research software, a number of the challenges around it that exist in academia, and some potential solutions.

DDN can help you tackle your end-to-end Big Data lifecycle management challenges. Meet with our technical experts at eResearch Australasia  to learn how industry-leading DDN Storage and solutions can solve the toughest issues in Big Data. DDN’s massive parallelism, real time architecture and end-to-end data access and management solutions deliver:

  • High performance, cost-effective departmental storage that is simple to install, grow and manage
  • Solutions that start small and get less expensive as they grow so researchers start or buy-in to condo resources even with a very small grant
  • The industry’s fastest storage integrated with automatic data migration to cost effective object storage so multi-cluster environments are served efficiently
  • Simple, secure cloud storage providing policy based protection, and data movement for collaboration, distribution, publication and disaster recovery
  • Integrated Active Archive to reduce storage costs while keeping data online and completely visible to end-users and applications


October 16-20, 2017



Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Merivale St & Glenelg St,
South Brisbane, QLD 4101