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Going Beyond Flash 101

Getting Beyond Flash 101 to Flash 102: Selecting the Right Flash Array


IT professionals are convinced…Flash is the key to solving their storage performance challenges. The next step is selecting what flash makes the most sense for their organization’s specific needs. Do they need maxed out flash performance for a highly transactional database? Do they need a flash arrays that is more cost effective and suitable for most of their mainstream workloads? Or do they need a flash array that is extremely cost effective and more suitable for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment? OR do they need a real-time analytics processing engine where low latency response time is an absolute necessity.

The problem is the most all-flash and hybrid vendors only offer one type of flash option, despite the fact that there are multiple use cases.

Join veteran storage analyst George Crump of Storage Switzerland and DDN CMO and EVP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing Molly Rector as they discuss and compare the different types of flash storage, explore why vendors want to replace your SAN instead of enhance it, and demonstrate what you can do to not only protect your current storage investments, but also prepare a path to the future.



Molly Rector

George Crump