2017 International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium

International Computing in the Atmospheric Sciences 2017 (iCAS2017) is the 14th biennial symposium in a series hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research under sponsorship from the U.S. National Science Foundation.  iCAS2017 will bring together international colleagues to discuss information technology advances and the transformative infrastructure that allows scientists to investigate atmospheric problems as part of the Earth system model.

DDN storage solutions for high performance computing (HPC) are driving an increasing number of weather and climate research facilities around the globe to meet the needs for accuracy and timeliness of their forecasts and predictions. Weather and climate modeling centers are ingesting and producing ever-increasing volumes of data and utilizing some of the most powerful supercomputers and innovative HPC technologies available to improve model accuracy and granularity. As a data storage leader in HPC, DDN supports dozens of weather and climate supercomputing organizations and has experienced more than 60 percent growth in this sector customer base in the past year.

Meet with the DDN team at ICAS2017 to discover how top weather and climate sites are leveraging on DDN storage for more accurate, faster simulations, forecasts and predictions.


September 10-14, 2017


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