DDN User Group @ ISC 2019


The DDN User Group at ISC is an annual conference that brings together the best and brightest scientists, researchers and technologists to share and learn how leading global HPC organizations are executing cutting-edge initiatives that are transforming the world. The goal of the event is to gather the community during ISC to discover how HPC organizations are assessing and leveraging technology to raise the bar on HPC innovations and best practices. From exciting user presentations to engaging roundtable conversations and groundbreaking technology updates, this can’t-miss event delivers the ideas and inspiration to help your cutting-edge HPC initiatives transform the world.


Watch featured presentation videos from the DDN User Group at ISC 2019:

Innovating to Create a Brighter Future for AI, HPC, and Big Data

Alex Bouzari, DDN

DDN and the Future of HPC. In this rapidly changing landscape of HPC, DDN brings fresh innovation with the stability and support experience you need. Stay in front of your challenges with the most reliable long term partner in data at scale.

DDN EXA 5: Innovation at Scale

James Coomer, DDN

EXA5 – Innovation at Scale. EXA5 brings our customers a whole new level of experience based on the Lustre filesystem. With huge performance boosts, better scaling properties and a strong appliance approach, this is Lustre like you’ve never seen it before. Fully featured, native file management, strong security, data integrity, container integration and a load more. James will talk about the major new features in EXA5 and about how we manage flash for complex and difficult use cases.

Lustre, RoCE, and MAN

Marek Magryś, Cyfronet

The talk will describe the architecture and implementation of high capacity Lustre file system for the need of a data intensive project.

Storage is based on DDN ES7700 building block and uses RDMA over Converged Ethernet as network transport. What is unusual is that the storage system is located over 10 kilometers away from the supercomputer. Challenges, performance benchmarks and tuning will be the main topic of the presentation.

Market Update: AI and the New HPC

Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research

Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research will give a market overview presentation of developments and predictions for HPC, Hyperscale, and AI. Drawing on the library of Intersect360 Research reports and surveys, views will include a selection of market forecasts and end-user data. Topics will include: HPC market size and shares, Machine learning in HPC environments and Outlook for high-performance storage. 

Combining Big Data and HPC in a GRIDScaler Environment

Dr. Stephen Shenk, BASF

The talk will give an overview of recent activities in Digitalization of BASF’s R&D. It will focus in particular on how Big Data and HPC workflows can be combined and complement each other. Technical aspects as well as applications are discussed. 

Time to Value: Storage Performance in the epoch of AI

Sven Oehme, DDN

New AI and ML frameworks, advances in computational power (primarily driven by GPU’s), and sophisticated, maturing use-cases are demanding more from the storage platform. Sven will share some of DDN’s recent innovations around performance and talks about how they translate into real-world customer value.

Accelerating Time to Results for AI at Samsung UK

Crispin Keable, Atos

In this video from the DDN User Group at ISC 2019, Crispin Keable from Atos presents: Accelerating Time to Results for AI at Samsung UK.