ISC 2021

Data Direct Networks

June 24th -July 2nd


Unmatched Performance for AI, Analytics & HPC at any scale

DDN Data Summit

DDN Data, AI & Analytics Summit

DATE: 1st JULY 2021

TIME: 10:00 CET

JULY 1st


Looking to learn more about DDN’s vision for Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprise AI and Analytics at scale?

We are bringing together the best and brightest IT and storage architects, data scientists and technologists to share and learn how leading global organizations are executing cutting-edge AI and HPC initiatives that are transforming the world.

This event gathers the community to discover how organizations are achieving true AI vision by utilizing best of breed architecture at any scale to gain a competitive advantage.

From exciting user presentations to innovative technology updates, this can’t-miss event will deliver the inspiration and path to help your organization’s cutting-edge initiatives transform from ideas to reality.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Monday, June 28th

Data-Centric Computing for the Next Generation

Jean-Thomas Acquaviva

Jean- Thomas Acquaviva

Team Lead | DDN Research Group

Julian Kunkel | University of Reading

Jay Lofstead | Sandia National Lab

Tuesday, June 29th

LUSTRE in HPC, BigData and AI: Status, New Features and Roadmap

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Senior Director | Whamcloud/DDN Engineering

Frank Baetke | EOFS

Hugo Falter | ParTec AG

Jacques- Charles Lafoucriere | French Alternative Energies and Atomic Commission)

Eric Monchalin | ATOS

Sarah M. Neuwirth | Goethe- University Frankfurt

Stephen Simms | Indiana University

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