GTC Washington DC

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DDN customers are leveraging machine learning techniques to speed results and improve competitiveness, profitability, customer service, business intelligence, and research effectiveness. The performance and flexible sizing of DDN solutions are well-suited for large-scale machine learning programs. They have the power to feed massive training sets to high core count systems as well as the mixed I/O capabilities necessary to handle data efficiently for CPU, GPU, and mixed multi-algorithm environments from simple linear regressions to deep neural nets. DDN’s customers have the scale to go from test bed to production ramp and beyond in a single platform. A few examples of how our customers are leveraging DDN storage solutions for machine learning applications include:

  • Smart cities planning for tourism – city government and academic research cooperation
  • Fraud detection for wire transfers and credit card transactions at a large U.S. bank
  • Digital assistant / natural language processing at a Fortune 100 SaaS
  • Route optimization, pricing, and informed consumer metrics for autonomous vehicles
  • Near real-time affinity marketing and fraud detection for online payments

Meet with the DDN team at this year’s NVIDIA GTC conference to discover how DDN can help you support your machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives and address your data growth in the most adaptable and cost-efficient manner possible.


November 5-6, 2019


Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004

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