Abdulrahman Alkhamees, Technical Marketing Manager, DDN Storage & Douglas O’Flaherty, Technical Marketing Manager, IBM present: Architecting Storage for OpenStack Success.

As you know, OpenStack isn’t a plug-and-play kind of cloud platform. With so many components to configure, it is OK to build your own for some things, but maybe not for others. When it comes to storage, the data you are preserving is too valuable to your organization to trust it to a home-built, commodity-based hardware solution operating unpredictable workloads with mixed IO and different applications hammering it.

If there’s one thing you should know about cloud workloads, it’s how unpredictable they can be. From dealing with mixed IO and different applications hammering your infrastructure—you need to be sure your deployment covers all of your bases. Join us for this live webinar to learn how DDN solutions powered by IBM® SpectrumScale™ can help you architect the ideal OpenStack storage deployment that will consolidate your environment, optimize performance and deliver multiple levels of service to your internal and external customers.

DDN & IBM Present: Architecting Storage for OpenStack SuccessDDN & IBM Present: Architecting Storage for OpenStack Success

About DDN and IBM Solutions for OpenStack

With over 18 years of leadership in high-performance infrastructure deployments and experience supporting large-scale OpenStack deployments, DDN solutions are engineered from day-one to cost-effectively support hundreds of petabytes and highly-intensive IO operations. From SSD to the highest performing disk, DDN’s integrated end-to-end storage solutions deliver the best price/performance in the market for OpenStack infrastructures with robust and feature-rich enterprise-quality storage that protects your most valuable asset—your data.

IBM Spectrum Scale helps redefine unified storage to support new-era workloads for file, object, Hadoop and analytics use cases while enabling collaboration and efficient sharing of resources among global, distributed teams. IBM Spectrum Scale enables the unification of virtualization, analytics, file and object use cases into a single scale-out storage solution. Access can be provided around the globe using Active File Management (AFM) to help ensure that data is always available in the right place at the right time.

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